Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense/Alternatives Attorney

Legal Help to Prevent Home Foreclosure

For more than 33 years, attorney Patrick Giunta of the law office of Patrick Giunta, P.A., has been providing real estate services to homeowners and commercial buyers. His extensive experience with mortgage companies is a significant benefit to homeowners who are now facing the possibility of foreclosure.

If you have been served a foreclosure notice, take action immediately. Contact the Fort Lauderdale law office of Patrick Giunta, P.A. Real estate attorney Patrick Giunta provides foreclosure defense services and prevents homeowners from losing their home when errors have been made in the foreclosure process.

The Value Of Working With An Attorney For Foreclosure Defense

There are currently a large number of questionable companies advertising that they provide foreclosure defense services. Some provide a legitimate service, but many of them have little leverage when it comes to actually preventing a foreclosure once it’s begun. And they cannot help you in court.

At Patrick Giunta, P.A., we have both the real estate knowledge to negotiate a loan workout in a pre-foreclosure situation, and the legal ability to defend you in court if a foreclosure proceeding has already begun.

You May Have Defense Options Once A Foreclosure Has Begun

There are dozens of potentially legitimate technical defenses to a foreclosure proceeding:

  • Did the bank lose the note?
  • Was it improperly assigned in chain of title?
  • Were there improper disclosures (especially common in refinance situations)?
  • Was this mortgage sold to a securitized trust?

Attorney Patrick Giunta will review your mortgage complaint and loan documentation for flaws that can be used to give you leverage with the mortgage lender. While you may still face challenges with your mortgage situation, Mr. Giunta may be able to put you in a better position from which to negotiate a change of terms in a loan workout or a short sale of the property

If you are seeking forceful legal advocacy to negotiate with your lender, contact Patrick Giunta, P.A., for a consultation with an experienced Fort Lauderdale foreclosure prevention lawyer.

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